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Ukash €20 EU

Ukash €20 EU
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Ukash €20 EU

What is Ukash?

Ukash is delivered as a ready-to-spend PIN code, which can be used to pay directly at one of the thousands of Ukash-friendly websites. You get it by converting your cash at any one of the 300,000 global locations and via online bank transfer. What’s more is you don't need a bank account or credit card to get and use Ukash online.

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Three easy steps to use Ukash

  1. Buy a Ukash voucher
  2. Select Ukash as the "payment option" on your favourite merchant
  3. Type in your voucher number and voucher value – done!


Where to Get Ukash
Ukash is now available on every continent except Antarctica through a number of convenient and innovative mechanisms. Depending on your country these include your local corner shop, Internet Banking, ATM’s, Phone Booths, Petrol Stations, Post Offices, directly at your merchant website, Self-serve Kiosks as well as Prepaid Multipurpose Cards. Ukash is also available from a network of resellers in various countries.

Ukash is now available in the following countries. Click the country name to find out how and where you can get your Ukash in store or online.


Who uses Ukash
Typical Ukash consumers are those:

  • whose purchasing power is cash only
  • wishing to purchase goods and services online without using their bank card
    • due to fears around identity theft and security
    • who do not want to carry a bank card
    • desiring anonymity or discretion


When you can get Ukash
Depending on which country you’re in you may be able to get Ukash 24 hours a day. Certain 24hr convenience stores close to you or perhaps even through your internet bank account or even some self serve vending machines. Most of the time you will receive your Ukash vouchers immediately and it will be ready to spend immediately. No need to wait and no need to do anything except spend it!

A few great features Ukash offer users

  • using Ukash Tools found at users are able to combine, split and even in most cases convert Ukash vouchers to another currency
  • Ukash offer a multicurrency ability on transactions similar to a credit card, so your website purchase or deposit does not have to be in the same currency of your Ukash voucher. Simply go ahead and spend your Ukash and they will do the conversion for you


Why Ukash is preferred

  • Security - If you don't want to share financial details online.
  • Privacy - When you want your online transactions to be anonymous.
  • Empowerment - To be able to transact online whether or not you have a credit or debit card. And to stay in control of your spending - because there is no "account", you only get the amount of Ukash you need.
  • Flexibility - To take your Ukash and split into smaller amounts, combine into larger amounts or convert into other currencies. Or to donate your Ukash change to charity.
  • Convenience - You can get Ukash FREE from over 50,000 UK locations and via online bank transfer. And it is easy to use at any site that accepts Ukash.
  • Availability For All - Whether you are concerned by online fraud or don't have a bank card, you can use Ukash to pay, play and shop online at thousands of global locations.
  • Global - Ukash can be converted and used in over 30 countries and we are adding new ones all the time!
  • Service – with a fully manned 24 hour customer support team ready to answer your questions Ukash sets the standard when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Why bonusGENIE recommends Ukash over paysafecard

  1. Ukash is supported with a strong Customer Support team available through email and phone 24hrs a day and in most cases in your local language. We have found the service to be very efficient and friendly. To contact Ukash Customer Support you can visit Ukash Support
  2. Ukash are able to offer much higher voucher values, generally up to €750 or equivalent in your respective currency whereas paysafecard are only available up to €100.
  3. Ukash provide much more information through their website making finding information about products, services and even solving problems much easier.
  4. Ukash offers more innovative products and it seems there’s so much more you can do with a Ukash Voucher, like purchasing a prepaid MasterCard® or even sending Mobile Airtime to friends and family abroad. And it seems there’s still more to come from the team over at Ukash so watch this space….


What you can do with Ukash
You can spend Ukash on a wide range on websites ranging over these categories and more:

  • Communications
  • Entertainment
  • Poker
  • Casino
  • Games
  • Virtual Communities
  • Bingo and Lottery
  • Sports Betting
  • eWallets
  • Shopping
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Charities


What’s more, you can now also use your Ukash to purchase a Ukash Neo Prepaid MasterCard® enabling you to spend on any online or catalogue store that accepts MasterCard®. If that’s not enough you could even send prepaid mobile phone credit to friends and family abroad. Click the links to read more.

What a typical Ukash Voucher looks like


Problems using Ukash?

Ukash have a 24hr Call Centre servicing consumers with a friendly and efficient approach. You can contact the Ukash Support team through email, phone or from their website at Call’s are toll free.

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